Dining Table With Mismatched Chairs


Why Mismatched Dining Chairs?

There are many different options when it comes to picking dining chairs, whether it’s matching chairs, mixing chairs with a bench or a complete mishmash where no two chairs are the same.

Using mismatched dining chairs is a great way of adding colour and drama to your home, allowing you to separate from the crowd. Unexpected chair pairings can add masses of personality and interest to any room while giving your home a subtle designer edge but without the hefty price tag.

However, it can seem daunting knowing where to start especially as the opportunities for this interior trend are endless. It’s really important to get the balance right – there’s a difference between an intentional mix of beautifully contrasting chairs to a dining table that looks like random chairs have just been thrown around it. That’s why we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to master the mismatched dining chair trend.

9 Tips for mismatching your dining chairs

1. Get your dining table

If you’re looking to incorporate the mismatched dining chair trend into your interiors, but don’t know where to begin, we always recommend starting with the dining table. Whether you opt for solid wood, glass, metal, square, oval or rectangular table, this will affect what dining chairs you opt for. Once you have selected the right table for the style you’re trying to achieve, you can work around this to decide what chairs will go best with the table and space.

Black Wishbone Chair with Live Edge White Oiled Oak Dining Table

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2. Ensure all the chairs are the same height

So, you have your table, now it’s time to pick the chairs. One of the most important things to consider is seat height. You don’t want to compromise comfort over style and have your guests to be bobbing up and down all over the place. As long as all the chairs are the same height, so your dinner guests are all at the same level, you’re free to mix and match any styles you like.

Mismatched Country Chairs around Rustic Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @homestolove via Pinterest

3. Focus on pairs

A great way to mix and match dining chairs successfully is by choosing pairs. This allows you to pair different elements together, whilst creating a symmetrical look that is aesthetically pleasing. You could place a different pair of chairs opposite each other or mixed around the table for an effortless look. Mismatched furniture should be having a conversation, not a fight, so focusing on pairs is the perfect way to nail this trend.

Mismatched Industrial White and Copper Chairs around Reclaimed Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @Dimino via Pinterest

4. Opt for Balanced Juxtaposition

Having mismatched chairs around your dining table is a great way to mix old and new together, or incorporate different trends such as contemporary and traditional. Mixing styles from a different era can create a dynamic and unique interior. However, it’s important to keep in mind that too much of a mixture of trends can create an eyesore and may detract from the rest of the design elements in the space. Instead, decide on your dominating style that you’d like in the space and focus around this, including subtle hints of the second style you want to add in. A great tip for mixing different trends is to use chairs that have different styles, but similar shapes.

Contemporary and Traditional Mismatched Chair around Solid Oak Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @eclecticrevisited via Pinterest


5. Colours to consider

There are many different colours to consider when it comes to the mismatched chair trend. You can opt for a mix of different light and understated tones, or go bold with bright clashing colours for a truly eclectic look. 

An alternative option is to keep your colour scheme consistent. Consider using different chairs but within the same colour palette, opting for a mix of chairs with interesting features. This is a great way to introduce mixed silhouettes and materials, whilst creating a look that still feels intentional. 

No matter what colours you go for, introducing mismatched chairs into your space is a great way to create a custom interior design that no one else will have.

Yellow Mismatched Chairs around Reclaimed Table on Hairpin Legs - Grain and Frame

Image by @Tidbits&Twine via Pinterest


6. Mix and match two chairs at each end of your dining table to create a symmetrical look

Changing up just the two chairs at the ends of your dining table is a great way to ease into the mismatched look whilst creating a look that is composed, symmetrical and always pleasing to the eye. In fact, changing up two chairs at either end of a table is probably the easiest approach to mixing and matching dining chairs and provides the most traditional look. As you have more room at the end of the table, many people opt for chairs with armrests, or even chairs with a higher back, to create a true style statement.

Mismatched Farmhouse & Rustic Chairs with Reclaimed Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @ourfauxfarmhouse via Pinterest

7. Bench on One Side

Bench seating around a dining table is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to introduce the mismatched chair trend. For a bit of uniformity, you could consider using the same style of the chair opposite the bench or even opt for contrasting chairs at the head of the table. Benches are a versatile way to vary your seating – you could even have the bench upholstered for additional comfort.

Bench and Chairs Solid Oak Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @dickeguia via Pinterest

8. Match the room

Balancing mismatched chairs to your decor is a great way of maintaining a cohesive look in your dining space. This could be through colour, pattern or style, chairs that are tastefully different but all compliment the rest of the room is sure to create a unified look. As long as every chair you choose individually goes with the rest of the room, you really can’t go wrong.

Mixed Black Wishbone and Eames Chairs around Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @cocolapinedesign via Pinterest

9. Wood is always a good idea

Mixing wood and upholstered chairs is a great way to create a classic look that incorporates the trend for mismatched dining chairs. Using chairs with different textiles and fabrics is a perfect way to create a bespoke look in your dining space. The neutral tones of the wood chairs let your feature chairs do all the talking, and help to create a subtle eclectic interior.

Wooden and Upholstered Mismatched Chairs around Natural Oak Table on X-Frame Legs - Grain and Frame

Image by Grain and Frame

10. Colour match – Bonus

If you’re struggling to find mismatched chairs that create the look you’re going for, a great way to tap into this trend is having identical chairs but in different colours. Having the same chair but in two or three different colourways has the same stunning effect of mismatched chairs, whilst guaranteeing it compliments the space. In fact, clashing colours can be a fun way to inject life into a dining space and works really well with a classic chair design.

Mixed Colour Chairs around Round Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image by @thedesignfiles via Pinterest

 11. Same but different – Bonus

Using a combination of different chairs but in a similar style is perfect for those who prefer to take a themed approach to interior design. Whether you’re going for Victorian, French chic, industrial, contemporary or country, mixing and matching the same style chairs in different combinations is a great way to artfully master the mismatched chair trend.

Mismatched Farmhouse Dining Chairs with Farmhouse Spindle Dining Table - Grain and Frame

Image bye @sophiemayrhofer via Pinterest

Other FAQs

Do the dining tables and chairs have to match?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether dining tables and chairs have to match and the answer is, absolutely not. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting your dining chairs, it’s all down to personal preference. A big factor in deciding what dining chairs to go for is based on what style you’re trying to achieve in your dining space. Is it a relaxed, casual space or a more formal dining area? If the former, mismatched chairs are a great way to really inject your personality and create a custom look bespoke to you. For those wanting a more formal dining space, matching chairs are a great way to bring a touch of luxury and opulence through your interiors.

Should dining chairs have arms?

Whether or not you choose a dining chair that has arms, all depends on the size and shape of your table. Typically a dining chair with arms takes more space around the table and can limit how many are seated. However, they do have added comfort especially if you plan on sitting around the table for a longer period of time. 

A great way to introduce dining chairs with arms around a rectangular table, without compromising on space, is to add two chairs at either end. Then consider using chairs without arms around the rest of the table or even a bench to help maximise the amount of room around the table for guests.

Considering New Mismatched Dining Chairs?

Add a splash of personality to your dining room with our collection of mismatched dining chairs. Whether you are searching for shabby chic, industrial, modern, vintage or cottage chairs these will bring a great deal of personality to your home.

Just give them a view at the very least 🙂

Mismatched Farmhouse Dining Chairs with Farmhouse Spindle Dining Table - Grain and Frame

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