Standard Chair And Table Heights In The UK

Beautiful furniture can look completely out of place if it appears lost in a large space, or equally if it dominates a small space. That’s why size and scale is one of the most important things to consider before making a purchase. Moreover, if you’re purchasing a new table or set of chairs that aren’t part of a set, it’s important to factor in both the height of tables and chairs as well as their overall dimensions so that they complement each other in both comfort and aesthetics.

Whilst there are no real standardisations on table and chair dimensions, we’ve put together a thorough guide on the most common table and chair sizes so that you’re planning can be as accurate as possible. 


Common Table Heights

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to table heights, and average heights can vary across different countries. In the UK, the average table height is between 28 – 30 inches from floor to the table surface, with the majority of tables coming in at 30 inches or 76cm. This is because tables need to be high enough to ensure there is plenty of space above the knees of those who gather round to eat or chat, but not too high to ensure people can still dine comfortably.

Here are the standard table heights in the UK:


Standard Table Height (Inches)

Standard Table Height (cm)

Standard Table Height (feet) 

Average Height Range (Inches)

Dining Table Height 

30 inches 



28-30 inches 

Coffee Table Height 

20 inches 



18-20 inches 

Console Table Height 

30 inches 



24-42 inches 

Side Table Height

25 inches 



22-30 inches 

Counter Height 

36 inches 



34-39 inches 

Office Desk Height 

29 inches



28-30 inches

Standard Height For Dining Table

If you measure from the top of the table to the floor, most dining tables range from 28 to 31 inches high. The standard height for a dining table in the UK is 30 inches; this is because it suits most demographics including children and adults. 

Dining chairs are typically manufactured to a height of around 17-19 inches from the floor to the seat leaving enough room under most dining tables so that your knees aren’t squashed, but being high enough so as to be comfortable. 

If you opt for a dining table that has a slightly thicker tabletop or a table that includes drawers, you may need to consider a lower chair height as there will be less space from the tabletop to the floor.

Standard Dining Table Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Standard Coffee Table Height

Coffee tables are often found in living areas, next to chairs or seating that’s a little less standard in nature than dining chairs (i.e. bean bags, sofas, reclining chairs etc). A typical height for a coffee table is 20 inches, or 51cm, and is ideally around the same height as your sofa cushions. The main purpose of a coffee table is to place your drinks down, so it’s important it’s the correct height to comfortably reach – you don’t want it too high that it feels like a countertop, or have it so short that you have to bend down to grab a drink.

Standard Coffee Table Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Standard Console Table Height

Console tables are often put against a wall and usually stand alone in an entryway, hallway or home office as a focal point. The console table height comes in varying different sizes as it really depends on where you plan on putting it and what it will be used for. You don’t typically put anything underneath a console table, which means you can make it as narrow or as tall or short as you like. The height of console tables vary from 24 to 42 inches, but are usually around 36 inches – this is the perfect height for a hallway where you want to put your keys or other personal items.

Standard Console Table Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Standard Side Table Height

The main purpose of a side table is to ensure that essential items are within easy reach of where you’re sitting. They should typically stand between 22 – 30 inches high, depending on where the table will be placed. A side table should be no taller than the furniture arm beside it, and no lower than the seat. 

As a functional piece of furniture, a side table that’s too tall or too short not only looks out of place but is also really awkward to use. 

Standard Side Table Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Standard Counter Height

Counter height tables are usually about 36 inches high and are meant to be paired with chairs, or bar stools, that have a height of 24 inches.

Standard Counter Table Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Standard Office Desk Height

Standard office desk heights are usually between 28 – 30 inches. This is generally considered to be the optimum desk height to ensure people of most heights have the correct posture when sitting at a desk for a long period of time. 

Your desk’s chair height should be paired in such a way that when you’re seated, your arms rest at a comfortable 90 degrees on the desk. Making sure you have a comfortable chair is also key – it will help you pass through long working hours and allow your body to relax whilst your brain works hard.

Standard Desk Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

How to measure table height

Measuring your table height is really easy. Simply measure the height from the top of the table to the floor. We recommend using a tape measure and always remember to double-check! If you still aren’t sure about any aspect of your table or need advice on the best chair options to suit your needs and space, we’re on hand to help.

Common Chair Heights

We often find that it’s not until people have purchased their table and start looking at what chairs to buy that they realise it isn’t an easy decision. There are many factors to consider, from price points to materials and styles. A particularly important factor should be to choose chairs that are proportionally sized to your table to ensure a comfortable dining experience. 

Chairs come in a variety of different heights, but there seem to be some pretty standard sizes. These are listed in the table below:


Standard Chair Height (Inches)

Standard Chair Height (cm)

Standard Chair Height (feet) 

Average Chair Height Range(Inches)

Dining Table Chair Height 

18 inches 



17-19 inches 

Desk Chair Height 

18 inches 



17-19 inches

Bar Chair Height 

30 inches



28-32 inches

Counter Chair Height

24 inches 



24-26 inches

Bench Height 

18 inches 



17-19 inches 


Standard Dining Table Chair Dimensions

As the average height for a dining table is 30 inches, dining chairs generally need to be around 18 inches high. For ideal comfort, there is a direct correlation between chair seat height and table height; there should be around 12 inches between the tabletop and seat to allow plenty of room and comfort for those sitting down. 

Chair arms should be able to slide under your dining table with ease – this keeps them out of the way, particularly useful when the space around the table needs easy traffic flow. That’s why we recommend leaving at least 7 inches of space between the chair arm and the bottom of the table to ensure it fits. It’s also important to remember that if you opt for a chair with an armrest, you may not be able to fit as many chairs around the table as you’d like.

Standard Dining Chair Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Desk Chair Dimensions

As a standard office desk table height is 29 inches, the optimum desk chair height is 18 inches. This is to allow enough room for your legs underneath the desk. It’s important to remember that standard measurements for the correct office desk chair won’t take into account the individual differences. People have different torso lengths, arm lengths, neck lengths and so on which is why many people opt to go for an adjustable office chair.

Standard Desk Chair Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Bar Stool Dimensions

Bar stools are typically the tallest chairs in the home as they are used at taller breakfast bar areas, and measure between 28 – 32 inches. Nonetheless, countertops and breakfast bar heights can vary considerably. This makes choosing the right bar stool height difficult. 

To make sure you get the right height chair for your bar table, make sure you leave between 9 – 11 inches for legroom  – this will allow you to easily cross and move your legs without feeling trapped. If you are still unsure of the height you will need, you may like to take a look at an adjustable bar stool. These are great for families as they can be individually adjusted to suit everyone. 

Standard Bar Stool Chair Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Counter Chair Heights

As the UK standard countertop height is 36 inches, the recommended height for your countertop chair or stool is 24 inches. This is because most people want their stool or chair to fit snug under their countertop when not in use. You also ideally need between 9 -13 inches between the seat and the counter to ensure comfort when sitting.

Standard Counter Chair Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

Standard Bench Dimensions

Benches are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to choosing seating for your dining table. Benches offer additional seating while taking up less room than individual chairs and are a great way to save space in the home. 

The specific dimensions of a bench are adjustable depending on the layout, available space and how many place settings are required. The same guidelines listed above for chairs apply, however, you’ll want about 12 inches from the bench seat to the bottom of the table to ensure there is enough legroom for those seated. For this reason, dining table benches come at a standard height of 18 to 20 inches.

Standard Bench Height UK Guide Grain and Frame

How to work out the perfect chair height for the table

It’s important that your table and chairs are in proportion to each other, especially if they are from different suppliers. Generally, the bottom of the tabletop to the chair seat should measure approximately 9 – 13 inches; this ensures maximum comfort when seated, whilst being the optimum level to reach the table when eating.

If you go much lower than this, there isn’t enough room for people to cross their legs which isn’t very comfortable. Similarly, if you go below 9 inches, it will make the chair feel too low to reach the table easily. 

Here is a guideline for matching dining chair heights to dining table heights;


Standard Dining Table Height 

28 inches 

29 inches 

30 inches 

32 inches

36 inches

40 inches

Standard Dining Chair Heights 

15-19 inches 

16-20 inches 

17-21 inches

19-23 inches

23-27 inches

29-33 inches

As we’ve said, despite the title of this guide, there are no hard and fast rules on chair and table sizes. Our main takeaway is to ensure there is enough room to sit comfortably and achieve the function you desire out of the piece of furniture in question and, hopefully, this guide will help you with that. 

If you’re having trouble matching table and chair heights, you can always consider custom furniture as a solution. Custom wood tables can be easily adapted to fit with modern chair designs, and vice versa.

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