Rustic Dining Table with Square Frame Legs

Rustic Dining Table with Square Frame Legs
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    Dimensions - L150cm x D90cm x H75cm, 124cm between legs

    Dimensions - L210cm x D90cm x H75cm, 184cm between legs

    Dimensions - Distance between legs is 26cm shorter than table length

    Select the length of the table.

    Select the width of the table.

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    1 end leaf extends the table by 40cm, suitable for two extra people

    Please note - the drawer will be in the middle of the table to allow for two extension leaves

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Product Description

Add a touch of modern country style to your dining space with Grain and Frames collection of farmhouse dining tables.

Our farmhouse table tops are handmade from three gorgeous planks of solid wood that are an astounding 50mm thick. They are meticulously finished in a natural wax to showcase the warmth and character of the timber. Constructed on a solid wooden base that’s sure to stand the test of time. Click here if you want to view our selection of painted bases.

This solid and sturdy dining table can be extended easily thanks to the extension leaves that are fixed to one or both ends. Our standard eave size is 400mm so will comfortably allow seating for more guests and are supported by the robust wooden base. The extension leaves must be stored separately when not in use. Beautiful and functional in design, this table will sit well amongst modern farmhouse-inspired settings.

Our tables come with a fitted drawer, we know it’s always handy to have extra storage space for all of your dining accessories.

Grain and Frame tables are handmade with love in the UK so your table can be crafted to any size in order to accommodate families of any size. Please contact us if you require a different size.

Please note: Grain and knots are natural properties of all solid wood products and add beauty and charm. Each piece is unique and will have a different grain pattern and variances in colour. This is the attraction of solid wood and is a different look to oak veneer, which is more standard in appearance.

Lead Time: This product is made to order, the current lead time is circa 6-8 weeks.

Image Dimensions: H76 cm x W180 cm x D90 cm.

Product Dimensions & Info

Hcm x Wcm x Dcm

Brand Information

Great design can transform a home

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Grain and Frame was founded by Sam and Rhys based on a shared belief in the value of quality raw materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Sam, co-founder at Grain and Frame

“Whether it’s fixings, sliders on a drawer or an extension mechanism, I make sure every detail is looked at during the design stage to ensure our customers always receive a beautiful, high-quality piece of furniture they can be proud of in their home.”

Rhys, co-founder at Grain and Frame

“For me, the key is combining expert craftsmanship with quality materials – the end result is just exceptional. At Grain and Frame, we pride ourselves on only using the highest quality raw materials for our products to create truly unique pieces.”

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We have our own white-glove service for the delivery and installation of our furniture to ensure your order gets to you on time and in one perfect piece.

Our trained delivery team will deliver & install in a room of your choice and remove all the unwanted packaging so you don’t have to.

All tables are designed to pass through a standard door width and hallway

No Quibble Returns

At Grain and Frame, we believe that returns should be easy which is why we approach them with a no quibble attitude.

We are proud to offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our furniture, just in case you need time to mull things over – and we’ll even collect it for free. You can find more information about our Refund Policy but please contact us at any time if you have any further questions

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"The table is high quality, beautiful and great attention to detail."

   Catherine, London

"The customer service was excellent from beginning to end and we would highly recommend Rhys and his team!!"

   Tim, London

"The table is beautiful, and top quality. It’s exactly what we’d hoped for"

   Dorean, Newcastle upon Tyne

"Great service and great product from Sam and the team."

   Max, Birmingham

"Can not rate Sam and Grain and Frame highly enough. Nothing was ever too much trouble and was happy to accommodate our specific request."

   Tracy, Cambridge

"Really pleased with our new table and bench, looks amazing. Grain and Frame were helpful throughout".

   Natalie, York